1. What is Miss World America?

Miss World America, or America’s Miss World, is the official United States preliminary to Miss World, the oldest running international beauty pageant. Each year, the winner of Miss World America represents the United States at the Miss World competition.

2. What is the 2018 winner selection process for Miss World America?

In 2018, new national directors were appointed to run the national contest. Due to time constraints, we have decided to run a photo and video interview selection process to find our delegate that will represent America at the 68th Edition of Miss World Pageant in China.

3. Who can become a Miss World America Contestant?

All single females between the ages of 18-26 that are legal citizens of the U.S.A., are qualified to apply.

4. How can I become a contestant of this year’s Miss World America?

Simply fill out our application form and pay an application fee of $250 (+$10 processing fee) to be automatically entered.

5. What is an application fee and what am I receiving?

As we are only conducting photo and video interviews this year to select our winner, the application fee has been reduced to $250 (+$10 processing fee). Upon filling out your application and paying the application fee, you will be automatically entered into the contest. One of our team members will contact you within 72 hours to schedule your video interview with our panel of judges.

6. When will be video interviews held?

All video interviews will be scheduled for September 12 – September 14 timeframe. One of our team members will coordinate with you a specific date and time.

7. What is the application deadline?

You can submit your application by Friday, September 7, 12 pm PST

8. When will the winner be announced?

The Miss World America 2018 winner will be announced on our website on Tuesday, September 20, at 12 pm PST. The crowning ceremony will take place in Los Angeles, CA on Saturday, September 22.

9. What does this year’s grand prize include?

• All expense paid trip to Los Angeles, CA for the crowning ceremony
• Professional training and coaching
• A modeling contract with a premier agency
• Personal appearance contract
• All expense paid trip to Sanya, China for Miss World America competition.

10. What is Miss World America 2018 final event? When and where will it take place?

Miss World America 2018 Final Event is a crowning ceremony of the MWA 2018 winner. It will take place on September 22 in West Hpllywood, CA. More details to follow shortly.

11. Besides Miss World America, will other titles be awarded? If I win a title, will I get a sash?

Miss World America 2018 winner and all other titles (e.g. Miss World Houston or Miss World California) will be announced on our website on Tuesday, September 18, at 12 pm PST. If you win any title which is not Miss World America, you will have an option to order your sash from us (a separate payment will be required). We can then mail it to you or invite you to our Final Event 2018 where it will be awarded. Please note, we will only cover all travel and accommodation expenses to the winner of Miss World America title.

12. When and where is the 2018 Miss World Final?

Miss World Final will take place on December 9, 2018 in Sanya, China. The winner of Miss World America must be available to travel China and stay there for approximately 30 days (arrive in Sanya on November 10, depart on December 10).