Rules and Conditions of Participating in the Miss World America (MWA) and Miss Teen World America (MTWA) Contest

1. A contestant shall be a person who:

(a) is no less than 16 years and six month (sixteen and a half) and no more than 26 (twenty-six) years of age on the Miss World Entry Date in the Relevant Year for Miss World America; and is no less than 15 (fifteen) and and no more than 18 (eighteen) years of age on the Miss Teen World Entry Date in the Relevant Year for Miss Teen World America;

(b) is legally recognized as female in the United States;

(c) has never been through any ceremony either valid or invalid, and whether civil, religious or tribal, which  is recognized as a marriage ceremony in any part of the world;

(d) has never given birth to a child;

(e) has never taken part in any contest for qualification to represent another country; and

(f) has never won any Miss World Contest or represented the National Area in any previous Miss World Contest or has previously taken part in any international beauty contest;

(g) is of good character and possessed of charm, poise, personality;

(h) whose background is not likely to bring into disrepute The Miss World or Miss World America Contest or title or the Licensee or Miss World Limited or any person associated with them

(i) is born in the USA or have five years continuous residency at the time of entry and hold a current USA passport;

(j) in case of winning the Miss America or Miss World titles, shall be able to sign a Sole Agency and Management contract with Miss World Limited and Electra Star and be resident at her own expenses on the mainland of the USA which gives such agent any working relationship or fees in connection with her during her year of office; these conditions also apply if she is subsequently elected Miss World.

(k) has not taken part at any time in the final of any international competition nor qualified for the final of any recognized international competition in the given year;

2. There must be nothing in the contestant’s background that could bring into disrepute any aspect of the contest or its sponsors (e.g. no drug use; arrests, DUI’s; participation in pornography).

3. Entry forms must be filled in with names as they are on passports, etc. and not assumed or professional names.

4. Having signed the entry form and qualified for the final, contestants are reminded that they have signed a contract and that to break it is a serious matter.

5. The MWA and MTWA titles are copyrights. No person or organization may use the titles, without the permission of Miss World Limited.

6. By entering the selection process and ultimately the contest, a contestant grants the organizers or the sponsors of the event, the free and unfettered right to use her name, photographs, voice, likeness, recommendations etc., relating to the contest, its title or any such connection between the contestant and the contest or title in any way it sees fit for advertising or sales promotions purposes, providing such use is not in a manner to cause harm to the contestant’s reputation or name. Such agreement will continue in a similar manner for further material issued resulting in participation in the contest or during year of office if she wins the title. We cannot guarantee the return of any materials sent to us as part of an application.

7. Contestants agree that from the date of winning a qualifying contest, until a period of fourteen days after the national final, or if they become the holder of Miss World, Miss Teen World, MWA, MTWA titles, for a period of six months after their reign as titleholder ends, they will not, without the prior permission in writing from the organizers, make any statement to the media, either directly or indirectly, nor give any interviews nor write any stories whatsoever appertaining to the competition or involving its name.

8. Contestants agree that their name and photographs may be used by the organizer or competition sponsors in any advertising or promotion feature for the contest or its sponsors where the names “MWA/MTWA or America’s Miss World/America’s Miss Teen World or Miss World America/Miss Teen World America” are included, providing such advertising or promotion shall not offend normal good taste.

9. Contestants agree that they will not use the Miss World/Miss Teen World Contest as a platform for expressing political and/or religious points of views.

10. These rules were made to cover the Miss World/Miss Teen World America contest. The organizers cannot accept any responsibility for neither any changes of rules in any associated contests nor any cancellation or changes in format in the MWA/MTWA contest or other contests which prevent the winner from neither further participation nor any amendment to the rules in such contest, which would make MWA/MTWA ineligible to compete. For the purposes of identification, the organizers means, Miss World Limited.

11. The responsibility for obtaining the right wardrobe to compete, is entirely that of the contestant.


13. In the event of any dispute over the rules of the contest the decision of the MWA/MTWA organization is final.

14. MWA/MTWA will cover travel expenses of the Miss World America 2018 and Miss Teen World America title winner to travel to Miss World 2018/Miss Teen World 2018 final in China. It is up to each participant to organize their accommodation and food.

15. All enquiries about Miss World America and Miss Teen World America Competition must be done in writing to: America’s Miss World, 9229 W Sunset Blvd, Suite 415, West Hollywood, CA 90069