Miss World America 2020 & Miss Teen World America 2020 Winners

Miss World America 2020

Alissa Anderegg

Alissa Anderegg, representing New York, was announced as the new Miss World America 2020.

During her reign Alissa will continue working on her Beauty With a Purpose project that regards the Alzheimer’s disease, aiming to educate and awaken those outside of theAlzheimer’s community so that they will understand how this tragedy affects so many families today.

Alissa Anderegg – “Together we can end Alzheimer’s once and for all.”

Miss Teen World America 2020

Rachel Roberts

Rachel Roberts, representing Maryland, is our Miss Teen World America 2020.

Rachel is a 13-year old Teen Queen whose biggest passion is her Beauty With A Purpose project. Rachel helps a national nonprofit organization called “Comfort Cases” to provide necessities to children entering the foster system.

Miss World America 2020 & Miss Teen World America 2020 Runners-Up

Megan Gordon

1st Miss Runner-Up

Miss World America 2020 first runner-up is Megan Gordon from South Carolina, a full-time model and actress, author and a registered nurse.

A lover of people, writing and traveling the world, Megan Gordon, native of South Carolina, found her calling through helping others. Earning her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing degree in 2016, she trained at the Children’s Hospital of Georgia, and now specializes in perioperative surgical services at the world-renowned Joseph M. Still Burn Center. She credits advocating for her patients and their families as playing a large role in her life’s purpose.

Purvi Sehgal

1st Teen Runner-Up

Miss Teen World America 2020 first runner-up is Purvi Sehgal from Arizona!

Purvi Sehgal is a high school senior who believes in giving back to her community. She has volunteered over 2,000 hours to promote underprivileged children’s education, especially in STEM.

Manya Saaraswat

2nd Miss Runner-Up

Emma Patel

2nd Teen Runner-Up

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