Amulya Agrawal


Amulya Agrawal is a high school student from Jefferson City, Missouri. She is passionate about building innovative solutions to bridge society closer together. As someone who has a huge curiosity about the world around me, she loves solving questions that peak her interest. Her goal in life is to make a meaningful impact. Her projects include building a technological application to help homeless people, teaching English to refugees, organizing projects to aid populations during the era of COVID-19, and writing and organizing events to advocate about societal issues she cares about.

As a student, she is involved in many enriching clubs and activities at school, including organizing events and projects for her school’s Future Healthcare Professionals club and by debating critical issues on her school’s Speech and Debate team. When she is not busy studying or organizing events, she enjoys writing stories, reading, dancing, capturing and editing photographs, and playing intense musical pieces on her violin.