Ansima Mamboleo


I am 24 years of age. I was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, grew up in South Africa and now I get to spend my adulthood in the beautiful state of Illinois. I am a law student, a philanthropist, motivational speaker, mentor, a religious educator and business woman. I am an ambitious, caring, hardworking, down to earth, kind and passionate third born of a family of 6. As a child, my mom was always immersed in a recipe book trying to figure out what to bake for my siblings and myself and what new inventions to come up with that would impress us all; in turn I have turned out to be quite an inventor myself and always find new recipes to impress myself.I enjoy reading, singing, writing and taking walks.I find my daily motivation by reading the bible.I aim to be a banner of hope and love.I hope that through my participation in this pageant, that I can change the status quo on what society labels as beauty/beautiful.Young girl I want you to know that you are strong, beautiful, loved, valued and worthy.I want you to know that those curves are beautiful and that you are not a mistake.You are unique, and the world needs you.You are enough; don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. So stand up soldier, let the world see and know what a confident, assertive, strong, curvy woman can do. My name is Ansima Rosette Mamboleo.I cause trouble, but don’t worry; it’s good trouble.