Meet Miss World America Coaches 2020!

The 2020 Miss World America contestants, among other perks, will receive free access to the series of virtual workshops by Miss World America 2020 coaches, who will prepare them for the national competition. The workshops will be taking place in the months of August and September, in the form of online workshops, followed by Q&A.

Confirmed coaches and workshops:

▪ Emmy Rose Cuvelier, Miss World America 2019: “Preparing to present your Nation”;
▪ Lu Sierra, renowned supermodel, host, influencer, and an award-winning runway and pageant coach: “Bringing Super-modeling to the Pageant Runway”;
▪ Evan Carmichael, entrepreneur, top 100 leadership speaker, writer: “Preparing your Beauty with a Purpose project”;
▪ Clarissa Bowers, Miss World America 2017, will talk about what to expect from the national and international levels of the competition, highlighting the service aspect of Miss World;
▪ Josie Valdez, founder of Josie’s Faces, celebrity make-up and hair artist, skincare professional, will share advice on how to succeed in the new Miss World America “Beautiful Me” Challenge, in which contestants will showcase their ability to make themselves look pretty without relying on professional help;
▪ Giselle Boone, award-winning pageant coach: “Virtual Runway Workshop for Miss World America”
▪ Lauren Kuhn, pageant interview coach: “Interviewing with a Purpose”;
▪ Liz Fuller, TV presenter, actress, model, Miss Great Britain 1996: “A Winning Mindset Workshop”;
▪ BIGinfluencers: “How to succeed in Miss World America Influencer Challenge”;
▪ Richard Morrissey, personal trainer, founder of RNR Fits will get contestants ready for our virtual fitness competition
▪ More coaches to be announced soon!

Check back soon for the schedule of events!