Current Title Holder: Emmy Rose Cuvelier

Each and every child I sing and play with forever holds a special place in my heart, and it is my hope that these visits give them the inspiration and courage to continue fighting and chasing their dreams, no matter the obstacles they face. Additionally, to ensure no child is left out or forgotten, I’ve hosted virtual story times and game days, via hospital room monitors, for sick children in quarantine.

Emmy Rose Cuvelier is a business owner, actress, and philanthropist from small town Iowa. She is an advocate for children battling critical illness & has a passion for working with underprivileged kids across the globe. Emmy has culminated her love of fairytales, performing, and working with kids into her career with her two businesses, The Magic Factory and Royalty & Me, and she was honored to fulfill a lifelong dream of proudly representing her country as she was crowned Miss World America 2019 in Las Vegas and represented the United States in the Miss World international competition in London, UK.

Emmy’s Beauty with a Purpose project is called “The Magic in the Miracles”.

The mission of The Magic in the Miracles is to give these suffering children back the hope, joy, and innocence of being a child that they so rightfully deserve. This multifaceted program considers all the needs of critically ill children and their families, and takes all necessary steps to better the lives of these sweet little ones.

Funding is absolutely essential in giving sick children their best opportunity at a happy, healthy future, and over the past two years, Mermaids & Miracles: The Princess Fundraising Tour, has raised over $16,000 to aid in medical expenses, research, and Child-Life programming for my local children’s hospital, with the goal of growing an additional 50% by the end of 2020.

As a non-profit branch of Emmy’s self-owned children’s birthday party company, Mermaids & Miracles has traveled across the country hosting dozens of princess fundraising events that draw attention from parents, children, and the media alike. During these events, parents exchange a suggested $20 donation for their child to experience an hour with The Little Mermaid playing games, reading stories, and even partaking in an Under the Sea Tea Party! To ensure that 100% of ticket sales are donated, Emmy has networked with many community businesses to secure full sponsorship of all expenses for each stop on the tour. Mermaids & Miracles has not only been an amazing fundraising tool, but also an eye-catching and unique way to bring awareness to this cause.

While funding is essential, the day-to-day lives of these children and their families are of great importance as well. Scientific studies have shown that survival rates for those with life threatening illnesses improve drastically when patients are given cheerful and inspiring environments to heal in. It has been one of my greatest sources of joy to travel to children’s hospitals to visit patients as one of their favorite fairytale characters or princesses. Allowing these kids to meet their idols and forget about their circumstances, even just for a moment, is truly magical.

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