Miss World America Forms an Advisory Board

Miss World America National Office announced today that an Advisory Board has been formed to aide in the global decision-making process.

The Advisory Board’s Mission is to promote Miss World America’s values and foster the idea of “Beauty with a Purpose” in the United States, ensuring everyone involved with MWA actively engages in bettering the lives of the unprivileged and less fortunate.

Advisory Board Members:

Julia Morley – CEO of Miss World

Maureen Francisco – founder of The Global Beauty Awards

Steven Roddy – founder of PageantPlanet.com

Dawn Jackson – founder of Bosom Couture

Colin Christianson  Рfounder of Tenacious Ventures

Julia Morley
Maureen Francisco
Steven Roddy
Dawn Jackson
Colin Christianson

You can find MWA’s Advisory Board Members’ bios¬†HERE.