Shree Saini


Shree Saini is a joy-creator, servant leader, loyal friend and a global speaker who has been invited to speak in over 8 countries and 30 states. She graduated from UW and has been a visiting student at Harvard, Stanford and Yale Universities.

Shree has devoted her life to community service. At age 15, she started her nonprofit and since then, she has written thousands of articles and served hundreds of nonprofits.

Shree’s impact has reached millions: earning her the “Best Pageant Titleholder” award and recognitions from the Secretary of State, Senate, Governor and American Heart Association CEO.

Shree’s childhood dream to serve as Miss World inspired her to change her adversities to advocacy. Shree is a survivor of bullying, facial burns and heart defect.

At just age 12, she got a pacemaker surgery to keep her alive. Doctors said her physical activities would be forever limited but Shree persevered to regain her lost physical and emotional strength.

Heart disease is the #1 killer globally, taking more lives than all forms of cancers combined! Shree’s BWAP project is Heart Health: healing both the physical and emotional hearts. Shree encourages early heart health checkups, so no one goes undiagnosed like she did.

Shree encourages everyone to be kind 100% of the time and find ways to serve. Shree empowers people to tidy up limiting thinking patterns with a possibility mindset.

As your Miss World America, Shree wants to reach over 80,000 schools in America.