RACH4aCASE with Miss Teen World America!

Rachel Roberts, the reigning Miss Teen World America, is Holding the National Fundraiser for Comfort Cases.

Rachel Roberts, the reigning Miss Teen World America, is holding a nationwide fundraiser for Comfort Cases, a nonprofit organization headquartered in my hometown of Rockville, Maryland. Comfort Cases provides backpacks full of personal items for children entering the foster care system across America. Each day, over 700 children are removed from their homes and put into the foster care system. Most are given a trash bag to carry their belongings with them. These children have been neglected and often feel like they don’t matter. Many do not own a toothbrush or have a pair of pajamas. So, Comfort Cases provides backpacks filled with a cozy new pair of pajamas, a new stuffed animal to hug, a toothbrush, soap, and more. These simple items help provide children with a sense of dignity and hope.

You can help kids in YOUR community by holding a fundraising drive and packing their new backpacks! Just follow these steps below:



Go to http://bit.ly/RACH4aCase and sign up to run a drive in your community as one of our State Ambassadors. As a State Ambassador, you will get your own web page which will include: a picture of you and your team; why you and your team decided to hold a drive to support children entering foster care, and a link to collect donations.


You and your team, friends, and family will need to outreach to your community to donate to your fundraising drive through May 10.


Comfort Cases will send you one case for every $50 you raise, along with directions on how to pack them.


You are now ready to have a celebratory packing party, filling the new backpacks for the kids in YOUR community! On May 22, you and your team are invited to join Rachel's national packing party virtually with other State Ambassadors from around the country! You can also choose a date that works for your team. It’s up to you (and your state’s group guidelines) whether your party is in person or virtual. Once the backpacks are packed, Comfort Cases will connect with a local agency in need.

What is a Packing Party?

It is a great way to help Comfort Cases and Rachel Robert’s mission of inspiring communities to bring dignity and hope to youth in foster care! By engaging with your community, whether as an individual/community-based group or as a corporate group, you not only share the mission of Comfort Cases, you also make an impact on the lives of the children in foster care who are local to you!

Packing Party Steps:

  1. Recruit Volunteers and set a goal! (RACH4aCase minimum is $300 to ship cases to you)
  2. Based on Goal: Plan your fundraising strategy and your packing party!
  3. April 1 – May 10: Ask family, friends, and businesses to donate on your webpage provided by Comfort Cases!
  4. May 10: Check to see how much money you raised and how approximately many cases that you will receive for your packing party ($45 per case plus shipping)
  5. May 22: Pack cases with your volunteers and join the nationwide zoom!
  6. Deliver your packed cases to a social services agency contact in your area! Comfort Cases will provide that info to you.