Shree Saini


“Shree Saini is a global speaker, who has been invited to speak in over 6 countries, 19 states and 80 cities. Shree holds a degree in Journalism and has been a student at Harvard, Yale and Stanford University.

Shree’s devoted community service work earned her recognition and awards from Secretary of State, Governor, University President and many humanitarians. The pageant world voted Shree the “Best Pageant Titleholder”.

Shree’s childhood dream to serve as Miss World motivated her to change her adversities to advocacy. Shree is a survivor of bullying, facial burns and a heart defect. At just age 12, she received a pacemaker, a machine that keeps her alive. Doctors said her physical activities would be forever limited but she persisted.

Heart disease is the #1 killer globally, taking more lives than all forms of cancers combined! Shree’s BWAP project is Heart Health. At age 15, she started her nonprofit. She has advocated around the world and written over 400 newspaper articles on emotional fitness and heart health.

Shree encourages anyone who is heartbroken over any circumstance, to preserve. As an American Heart Association spokeswoman, her work was recognized and written by AHA CEO.

Shree believes that just like we feed our bodies, the same way we need to nourish our minds daily with positive thoughts, so we can give solution-oriented responses to life’s stresses. Shree empowers people to tidy up limiting thinking patterns, by being intentionally optimistic.

As Miss World America, Shree wants to continue being your servant leader.”