Skylaer Palacios


I am a 25 year old Dominican, Mexican, and Puerto Rican artist, educator, and leader who identifies as Black, Latina, and Indigenous. I am a strong advocate of the arts, education, justice, and cultural awareness in all that I do. The gross injustices in this nation are overwhelming and I am always contemplating ways to bring about change. Most recently, I have drafted a bill that addresses police brutality and judicial oversight. It has been sent to several legislators and I am currently awaiting a response. I have also been encouraged to run for elected office by several members of my community, and look forward to the campaign process of listening, and getting to know my fellow constituents.
In addition to my interests in public policy, I am also a creative and performing artist who has committed to the disciplines of dance and music, specifically singing, ukulele playing, and songwriting. I am currently living in Northern California and am highly look forward to this year’s competition and connecting with other amazing women and femmes.