State Directors Announcement!

We are beyond excited to announce Miss World America State Directors for the following 14 states:

California, Diane Schmidt
Hawaii, Leila Fernandez
Idaho, Rajmeesh Grover 
Kentucky, Tina Ziobros
Massachusetts, Stacey Frasca
Nevada, Diane Schmidt 
North Carolina, Kathy Keefe Jensen
Ohio, Christi Woolard
Oregon, Rajmeesh Grover
South Carolina, Kathy Keefe Jensen
Tennessee, Jesse West
Texas, Della Fay
Washington, Rajmeesh Grover
West Virginia, Cody Layton

We will soon be publishing the direct application links for those states, so stay tuned and feel free to contact your state director for more information!

We will be announcing the directors for the remaining states in the next few weeks!

Hope to see you at our national final!

Your Miss World America Team